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  • Why the name "Chicory?""
    Photo by Elena Vreneva Chicories are a resilient and charming wildflower. They can be found blossoming along roadsides all across the midwest. For me, they are a special reminder to add beauty to unloved places, and to venture often. It also is a sweet reminder for Matthew 6:31, which reads, "And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers . . . he will certainly care for you." (NLT)
  • How long have you been in business?
    I like to say that Chicory had it's first sale in September of 2018 and the rest was history.
  • Are all your earrings handmade?
    Why yes, yes they are! All Chicory earrings are lovingly and carefully hand-crafted in Columbia, Missouri. The clay is rolled out, cut, baked, sanded, assembled and packaged all under the same roof. I take great pride in providing a product that will not only last, but more importantly encourage you to live presently and vivaciously in your day-to-day life. Some findings and metal hardware are not handcrafted.
  • Are your products in any physical stores?
    Yes they are! - I've been extremely blessed to be selling at Plume for a year now, they are based in Columbia, Missouri with specialty for all things hand crafted and vintage. You can find them at
  • How long does shipping and processing take?
    I ship out all orders 1-3 business days once I recieve an order. The default shipping option is for USPS First-Class Package which will deliever by 5 days, if you would like expidited shipping, select the USPS Priority Mail option at check out. This will shave off approximately three days. As of currently we only ship within the USA.
  • How can I best clean my polymer clay earrings?
    Grab yourself a cloth and warm water, and gently rub your earring where it’s dirty. Dry it with a clean cloth and you will have some beautifully clean earrings. If the stain is feeling reluctant to go, you can use nail polish remover with acetone and a cotton swab instead. To save yourself the time of cleaning your new goodies, it’s best to avoid wearing your earrings when applying makeup, perfume, hairspray or anything else that might want to hitch a ride on your new accessories.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    Absolutely! Email me at to start a conversation! I'd love to bring your dream to reality, or simply do a custom color. Pricing and details vary on an individual basis.
  • Do you do wholesale?
    I'm taking my first steps into the world of wholesale! To see wholesale pricing and terms, email me at to start the conversation! Please keep in mind that as a one-woman show, quantities will be limited.
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